Photo AI won start on WIn 10

Photo Ai wont open on my Win 10 computer. It was working fine a few days ago with Photo Ai V 2.0.5 and then I did the latest Win 10 update. Now it wont start at all. Win 10 update is the only new thing in my computer I can think of. I have tried the following:

  • Shutdown and restarted computer – no effect
  • Installed latest NVIDIA Studio driver V 537.58 and restarted – no effect
  • Updated to Photo AI 2.0.7 directly from Topaz Labs website – no effect
  • Uninstall Photo AI including data and configuration, reinstalled 2.0.7 - no effect
  •   Tried the various Windows Compatibility troubleshooting options - no effect

Any suggestions? My other Topaz programs do work (Denoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel), as well al Lightroom, Photoshop, an DxO Pure Raw 3