Photo AI won start on WIn 10

Photo Ai wont open on my Win 10 computer. It was working fine a few days ago with Photo Ai V 2.0.5 and then I did the latest Win 10 update. Now it wont start at all. Win 10 update is the only new thing in my computer I can think of. I have tried the following:

  • Shutdown and restarted computer – no effect
  • Installed latest NVIDIA Studio driver V 537.58 and restarted – no effect
  • Updated to Photo AI 2.0.7 directly from Topaz Labs website – no effect
  • Uninstall Photo AI including data and configuration, reinstalled 2.0.7 - no effect
  •   Tried the various Windows Compatibility troubleshooting options - no effect

Any suggestions? My other Topaz programs do work (Denoise, Sharpen, and Gigapixel), as well al Lightroom, Photoshop, an DxO Pure Raw 3

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I have the same issue here. It works on my win11 PC but not working on the win10 PC now. Don’t know what’s the problem. Hope the new updates could solve this later.

Topaz Tech Support sent me a fix that ended up working. My Photo AI now opens fine in Windows 10.
The fix is:

  1. Uninstall Photo AI
  2. Delete the “Photo AI” folder in C:/Program Files/Topaz Labs LLC
    This is the key step, since uninstalling Photo AI still leaves some files behind in this folder, at least one of which had a conflict with Win 10
  3. Reinstall Photo AI. You can do this from the Topaz Download Installers page

I have not had any issues with Photo AI since doing this. I have even applied at least a couple of the weekly updates with no problems. Hope it fixes your problem as well.


Thanks very much. It really worked. It solved the issue!!!