Photo AI version 2

Hi Topaze,

There is not local version like French, German, Spain, Italian, languages with Photo AI version 2.

I suggested to a friend to buy the new version but he does not talk English, so he is completely lost.

When do you plan to release localized versions ?

Kind regards.


Je ne comprend pas. Il n’y a pas besoin de parler pour utiliser ce logiciel… :') je ne comprend pas parfaitement l’anglais et je ne le parles pas pourtant je sais utiliser mes logiciels comme vai, vegas pro, Hybrid, etc… Faut pas être un génie :slight_smile:

Could you please answer in English next time to let everybody following?

Okay, so do you know there is at least one 85 years old long time photographer and newly Photo AI version 2 user that do not speak a single English word by any chance?

By the way I do not know your level in English but your French is just terrible!


So you do not speak French either!

Let us try again a good answer « genius »


I usually translate all my messages into English. Just that I was in a hurry to put you in your place, so I copied the French text into the translator. I don’t think that “translating the page into English” is complicated for others, I translate every time I come to the forums and you know they invented automatic translators, try it and see how good it is! On the other hand, avoid saying that my French is horrible because I write French better than most people. :wink:
And also, I think it’s you who is lost, and who doesn’t manage English to the point of having to have software in French or another language. In any case if you are French, I am ashamed… on this, I invite you to be more courteous :slight_smile:

I am French!

Did you read my username by the way?

You may improve your French too because you did grammar, tense and orthographic errors.

But I do confirm is better than the average anyway! You did not post texto style!


But you do not reply to my initial post which is concerning the fact that the application is not localized!

Please, stop thinking that your experience is the same for everybodies.

It is not because you can use English based applications that everbodies can perform that too.

Also there is people using their computer by voice instead of by hand+mouse+keyboard inputs.

Topaze Photo AI should be localized!

This situation is not normal. No more, no less!

Also people buying this application are not warned of this situation I think so!


More courteous? From someone that do not say hello or any politeness in his post?



Exactly, I’m not a French teacher either and I make mistakes like everyone else, but I hate texting and I generally know my conjugations. In short, I suspected that you were French but nicknames mean absolutely nothing! And for the program, I don’t know if it’s normal or not but if it’s not specified, I think the topaz team is not forced to translate. Of course I too would like it to be available in French, but for the few options there are, it’s quickly learned! It’s up to them to see if they will translate afterwards.

To quickly learn a software, it is better to understand the function names and parameters! It eases the learning curve.

A localized version could help people who do not speak English to use Photo AI. That is my point.

If there is few buttons effectively, there is nevertheless several key values and the preferences panel has many settings with explanations/options.

I can cope with as I am fluent in English. But my case is not universal.

Let us wait if Topaze will translate the user interface for the « main » languages.

I hope so.


Voice control is not just for the blind and visually impaired! Some use it out of necessity because of a health problem: fractured wrist, metacarpal tendonitis, osteoarthritis, and so on.

I am a native german speaker if you need help with the translation. :slight_smile:

It’s true you’re right

It will go for the German haha thanks anyway;)

Hi Imo,

I do not speak German unfortunately!

Unfortunately because in real railways, model making, there is a huge documentation in German, Swiss German.

I know few words like « glass » which means track, « bahnoff » for railways station, « lok » for locomotive, « lokfurher » for train driver.

In French, I know a very extensive technical vocabulary about railways in general.

And naturally comes famous misuses!

Like « aiguillage » that people use for « point/switch », the track equipment.

But the real French word is « aiguille ».

« Aiguillage » is the action to modify the route of a train by changing the position of the « points/switches ».

Even peoples working in the railways are making this kind of error, but not the technicians who normally know the exact terminology!

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We understand how useful it would be to have Photo AI in multiple languages. It’s not on the roadmap at the moment but definitely something we plan on implementing in the future.

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Hi Tim He,

You do as you wish. I was just telling how difficult it is for old people who do not know a single word of English how to use your application.

I did a remote demonstration on his computer using « Assitance Rapide » from Microsoft (Remote Assistance). The demonstration was a half an hour to show main functions and options, but naturally he can not remember everything at once.

He was using Gigapixel, Sharpen and DeNoise applications before and he felt completely lost because the UI is quite different. Also the way the application is processing is different.

If you need help for translating and checking in French, I have an excellent level. I did before publishing typos proof reading in the past.

Kind regards.


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Thanks for your input, Vincent. I’ll reach out if we need any help with French :slight_smile:

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:+1::ok_hand::heart::grin: (and without syntax errors!)

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