Photo AI V2 crashed with (maybe) an insufficient memory issue

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PC, Windows 11 Pro, 64GB of memory. There’s also at least 16GB of virtual memory available. Currently 44GB of 64GB of actual memory is in use.

Ran Photo AI V2 from Photoshop - ONE image, NO upscaling. Did noise reduction, tried Sharpen V2, Photo AI said it couldn’t run “because of an error”. When I selected Standard for Noise reduction, it crashed. I have an 8700 line log file.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Do normal processing on image (Sony Alpha 1, crop sensor setting) in Lightroom
  2. Send image to Photoshop for further processing
  3. Run Photo AI filter
  4. Modify subject so it’s properly selected
  5. Run Noise reduction, Standard, (there’s no Standard V2), values around 20,1
  6. Run Sharpening - select Standard V2 - this is where I got the error
  7. Select Standard - this is where Photo AI crashed.

I’ll retry the Photo AI Filter from Photoshop to see if it crashes again
I’ll retry the Photo AI processing from Lightroom to see if it’s something Photoshop related

I’ve attached the log file.
2023-09-13-09-14-36.tzlog (2.5 MB)

Update: Ran it again from Photoshop - hung during processing about 3/4 done with noise reduction, and just sat there. Moved 100% view around on screen and the plugin crashed with an abbreviated log file (only about 2100 lines instead of 8700.

Update: Run from the plug-in in Lightroom using the tif file. Photo AI is currently hung, no processing, no crash. It’s using about 5GB of memory, and it appears the crashpad_handler.exe is in operation.
I’ve attached the new log file.

2023-09-13-10-45-51.tzlog (708.6 KB)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Thanks for reaching out and sending the logs files. I see two different ONNX errors which is related to the graphics card processing.

How often is this happening for you?

Please visit this page, select your operating system (Windows) and click “Find Your System Profile”. Send me the system profile so I can check your system specs.
Topaz Photo AI System Requirements

Is your graphics driver up to date?

It happened pretty consistently over the course of a couple days. I’ve
since installed Photo AI V2 and haven’t seen the problem since.

Doesn’t mean it won’t come back, just that I haven’t seen it lately.

Graphics driver should be current - may be 1 version behind.

Other than that, and what I sent in the logs, I’m not sure what was
going on.

I’ve attached the dxdiag file.

DxDiag.txt (129 KB)

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I shared the ONNX errors with my team so we can look into some solutions.

Please let me know if you run into further problems in the meanwhile.

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