Photo AI V1.2.10 Slow to process now I know why

I recently installed V1.2.10 and immediately noticed that the processing time seemed slower than previous versions. When processing started it went through three distinct cycles of the progress bar but eventually finished in about a minute…not overly long but longer than in the past. I ignored the difference until today when I worked through a batch of files from a recent photo shoot and noted that the file size of the processed DNG files were almost 6 times larger than the original files. My unprocessed file out of the camera is normally around 41 Mb but after I processed the files in Photo AI using the Lightroom Plug-in-Extra method the file sizes grew to over 240 Mb! That explains the slow processing. The images look very good and there is no question the software recovered a lot of detail but I am wondering if this is a bug or an issue or if that is normal?

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Click on the file in LR then click on File Plug-in-Extras Process with Photo AI
  2. Step 2 Let Auto process complete and make any adjustments to taste
  3. Step 3 Save file
    4 Step 4 Open Metadata in LR and make note of the change in file size.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.10] on [Windows]

DNG files that are much larger than the original RAW is pretty normal.

Hi @Andy_Royce, @alanhusband-677420 is correct about DNG file sizes relative to other proprietary RAW formats, but if you’ve seen a pretty big drop in processing speed compared to previous versions, can you let us know if this speed also is the same in version 1.3.0 that we just released?

It appears that 1.3.0 is better at processing speed than 1.2.10