Photo AI v/s DeNoise, GigaPixel, Sharpen. Latter being much better?

I have recently installed Photo AI v1.2.4. I have Win 11 installed on my laptop. When I go through the help files, it shows 4 noise reduction models: Raw Normal, Raw Strong, Normal, and Strong. However, when I open the tool, I cannot see those options.

Further, when I use DeNoise separately I see much better control and options given compared to Photo AI. Similarly for the other tools GigaPixel and Sharpen. why this difference? Are there any plans to bridge this gap in near future.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

TPAI is a one-stop solution and is aimed at the consumer market. The individual apps have much more adaptability. Whether they will continue to be supported remains to be seen: Sharpen AI has not had an upgrade for quite some months, so I cannot see how Topaz can justify charging for it!
This is a user forum, so do not expect a response from anyone at Topaz. Besides, they are unlikely to reveal their strategy going forward.

I have all four AI image apps. I regard PAI as a beta, and expect this to remain true for the foreseeable future. In my hands, DAI, SAI, and GAI give much better results. I’m depending on Topaz to continue support for their standalone apps.