Photo AI Urgently needed Feature: saving of own Presets

Hello, as long as there is no possibility to use save and use Presets for a series of similar pictures (f. e. with same background editing needs) and to be able to sort in own customable preset folders Photo AI is nice, but much too time consuming. I do not understand that such an obvious essentail feature is not integrated so far. I wrote this in an email but did not get any answer on this.

I would prefer to have more levels of presets for various blur and noise settings, maybe a custom saved preset. (See example image)

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I agree. I would also like to be able to save my own presets in DeNoiseAI, SharpenAI and GigapixelAI as well.

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exactly! very demanded!

Yes. Topaz Photo V2 suddenly seemed amateur when I discovered I couldn’t save my laboriously entered settings.
I suppose I could have a notebook by my computer and record each adjustment, but I really won’t…

Very helpful graphic!

This is something we’ve been discussing for a while. At the moment you can change the default settings that Autopilot runs in the Preferences menu.