Photo AI upscale

Unlike gigapixel, upscaling isn’t available when using Photo AI as a plugin. It would be nice if we could upscale when using Photo AI as a plugin.

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I believe it isn’t possible as you need to expand the canvas which would need an automation plug-in. That’s why GigaPixel isn’t available from the Filters menu in PS.

Gigapixel is, in fact, available in photoshop. Go to ‘file’, then ‘automate’. When you click ‘automate’, you’ll see Topaz Gigapixel AI. I use gigapixel often as a photoshop plugin.

I know as I mentioned it was NOT available from the filters menu, Photo AI is not available through the Automate menu as Upsize cannot be disabled in the call to Photo AI as it only knows that it has been called as a plug-in.

It is because all three are in the one application and not separate.

I think you can still use it as a script in Photoshop. But yeah, technically its not available as a plug in (filter).

I’m sure there is something that could be done, as a workaround to make it work as a standard filter, but I’m not a programmer.