Photo AI strange "auto install"

Is there any function within Photo AI where it would start an “installation” automatically?

I installed the product in September 2022 and had not updated it from v1.1.0. This morning on my Windows PC, an install of Photo AI popped up; by the time it was done Control panel still showed the product as having been installed on September 2022. My antivirus showed no out-of-the-ordinary activity, but I thought this was unusual.

I downloaded the v1.1.5 update and installed it, and it seems to be working OK.


There shouldn’t be an auto install as you have to provide permission for any install to go ahead.

Thank you, I thought it was strange. This is the screenshot of the “install” it does not even look like the normal install screen, it looks more of a Windows function.


Yes, I guess that is windows configuring the installation, it could be part of a MSI installation. If you are worried check with support at the main website.