Photo AI still has a bug where the updated file's DPI drops from 300 to 96

Photo AI still has a bug where the updated file’s DPI drops from 300 to 96. I was told update v1.4.3 would correct this, it did not, based on these screenshots. I’m running v1.4.3, restarted my computer and the final file’s DPI still degrades from 300 to 96.

What is the fix for this, please?

The dpi is only a metadata tag in the file. It has no effect on the actual image contents, so nothing in the photo is actually degraded. Does this have an impact on your workflow in some way?

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yes, this bug plays a huge impact on my workflow. Photo AI is finicky and hasn’t worked smoothly since last Sunday. I need the DPI to stay at 300. When will this be fixed, please.

Images do not have dots per inch. Images have pixels. :eyes:

I’m not a dev so I don’t know their plans. I’m not using the 1.4.x version yet, but prior versions don’t alter the dpi metadata for me. You may need to submit log files for them if you haven’t already.

You can work around this in Photoshop and most other image editors by resizing the image with resampling turned off.

Try moving the image to the desktop rather than processing from Dropbox to see if the EXIF is written correctly.

@caitlin.ziolkowski Thanks for reporting this. I’ve forwarded it to our developers to take a look. Please upload the original image file as well as log files to help us find a solution!