Photo AI - Rotating images after processing

[In Lightrooom I make adjustments to the RAW file which include many ‘people’ adjustments like skin and eyes etc

I then right click and choose edit in Topaz Photo AI

I apply the changes and then save

When I return to Lightroom Photo AI has generated the tif file but changed orientation 90 degrees to the left

Sometimes with the adjustments rotated which means I can rotate the photo back but often without the adjustments rotated which means I have to delete and start again

Is there a new setting in Topaz Photo I now need to select?]

Steps to reproduce issue:

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  3. Step 3

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.3] on [Mac]

I have the same problem with rotation. I use ACDSee as my catalogue and some saved .DNG file are rotated but to the right. I tend to take 3 HDR images at a time at one stop intervals these are then batch processed in Version 1.3.8 and saved.

@c.jones-1058 Thanks for reaching out.

This typically happens when edits are made in Lightroom prior to processing in Photo AI. We’re working on improving how the application reads the edits so they’re transferred over seamlessly.

In the meantime, we recommend inverting your workflow. Once you import an image to Lightroom, process it using the Photo AI plugin prior to making edits. Then after you save the image back into Lightroom you can make the “people” edits on a higher quality foundation.

Thanks for your patience.

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