Photo AI remembers pre-crop subject for sharpening after it is cropped out

In Photo AI 3.0.4, sharpening is often done automatically as the picture, either jpeg or raw (Sony .ARW) is loaded, but the Subject may not be the desired one. If I crop the picture so the original sharpening subject is outside the crop, a new subject is not determined, even if I undo the initial sharpening, either before or after cropping, and then, after cropping, select Sharpen from the enhancement menu. The subject must be manually selected, although it is obvious in the cropped image. I don’t recall having this issue with earlier versions.

  1. Load the attached .ARW photo into Photo AI.
  2. Undo the initial sharpening, which focused on some greenery left of center.
  3. Crop photo to isolate the bird standing on sand at lower right.
  4. Select Sharpen.
  5. Photo AI remembers the original subject, which is not in the crop, and thus does not sharpen what should obviously be the new one. It is necessary to indicate the new subject by painting it as a custom subject.
    Same behavior occurs with the jpeg version of the attached photo.

Attached is a photo on which to carry out these steps, cropping tightly around the bird in the lower right corner.
DSC05008.ARW (24.1 MB)

Topaz Photo AI v3.0.4 on Mac

Thanks for sending in that file and sharing that workflow. I was able to replicate this problem you are reporting while using the Crop feature with the Subject Selection option while using the Sharpen enhancement.

I have reached out to the team for any further insight and will be sure to let you know once I have more information.