Photo AI registered, then de-registered and won't re-register

This is a simple one, but annoying. The program was registered, only to de-register itself. I still have until Nov on the license.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Click on the Activate button
  2. A web page comes up. Says successful, you are not being logged in to your application.
  3. Web page closes. Photo AI says Network Error. Connection error.

The network is fine. I disabled everything, firewall, vpn, antivirus. No difference. Nothing I do will make the pesky connection error go away.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.4.1] on [Windows/Mac]

Hi there, is this still occurring for you? If so, which country are you in?

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@joseph.lystad Let’s also try this: Log into your account at separately from the login in the app, and then try to login from in the app after.

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After you’ve done that, try activating in the app again.

Ok. I’m in the United States. Will try this tonight. Thanks. Also, this happened after I upgraded my monitor. It might well just be a coincidence though.

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Maybe there’s something to do with the monitor, you never know. Please test it out if you can!

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