Photo AI processing & autopilot

i thought that when photo ai was started that the idea was that auto pilot would decide what the image required and proceed to do the required adjustments.what i would like to see is that i could do is that i open a folder of files after a hurling game in adobe bridge ,go through the files and highlight the ones i want for further processing and drag and drop them into photo ai and let auto pilot decide what is required and carry out the adjustments and then open them as dng files in adobe camera raw for further editing.that is the way that i can do it at present with dxo pureraw 3.
i could have 2500+images after a game and i could use 200 of these and i do not want to be using sliders on all 200.
now when i read the comments people want more controls etc .
improve the ai ability and we should not need all the sliders

Good luck with that. How is the AI suppose to know what subject YOU want enhanced in an image?