Photo AI plugin crashes on opening with Photoshop Elements 2023

Thanks. Ultimately, John S. from your shop (Topaz) got back to me and provided a video that showed how I needed to copy the TopazPhotoAI.8bf file into another Adobe common folder with Windows Explorer:

John’s solution (per the video) ended up working. To avoid this type of situation in the future, Topaz should automatically install the “TopazPhotoAI.8bf” file in the correct location so that the user doesn’t have to blindly run into this situation when upgrading Photo AI.

As for my Affinity Photo/Photo AI problem, it went away after reinstalling Photo AI and rebooting my computer.

Re the Photo AI plugin locking up PE when there is a crash, one solution would be to put a close button/icon on the popup that displays while Photo AI is loading so that no matter what happens (success or failure loading the plugin), a user can close Photo AI from the popup window (instead of having to kill the PE process.

Thanks for your assistance. As indicated earlier, I LOVE the Photo AI output, and don’t want to try to find an alternative.

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Wonderful news, I’m glad to hear John could help and it’s working now!

Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option.

Find the Topaz Photo AI Installer Log file and attach the logs to this thread.

I can share the information in there with my team so we can check if the correct location is getting picked up in the installer.

Here is my log file from today after I got the PAI plugin to work in PE2023:
2023-09-20-10-00-1.tzlog (65.1 KB)

Thanks, I shared this with my team so we can add an install for that file path.