Photo AI Open Edited RAW files from Lightroom Classic

I would like Photo AI to be able to open a RAW file including Lightroom adjustments.

The method I am using to open RAW files into AI is through the LR File menu / Plug-in Extras / Process with Topaz Photo AI option. I was hoping that AI would begin its editing using my LR settings, since LR and AI are both RAW editors. The scenario I am dealing with is removing noise from pictures that are very dark. I’ve tried saving the LR picture settings to an XMP file before opening pictures into AI by pressing the Ctrl/CMD + S keys, which saves the LR metadata adjustments to a sidecar file. That sidecar file has all of the LR adjustments. I am requesting that AI be programed to use a minimum of the following adjustments: Profile, Lens Corrections and Basic settings. Of course, in later versions, add all the other adjustments too. The Basic, Luminosity and color adjustments might be easiest to add, followed by other adjustments like the Tone Curve, HSL/Color and Color Grading. I am thinking the Transform adjustments would be the hardest and not part of my request. A lot of the XMP data is plain text, as you know, so reading most adjustment values is easy… I am hoping Adobe cooperates with the few adjustments that need decoded to make adjustments possible.

Thank you. Great products.

Photo AI has no idea what Lightroom settings are applied. The functions and settings are held in the LR database

Since development settings can be exported to XMP files, AI may force generation of a temporary sidecar file and include its contents when generating processed DNG

Lightroom settings are stored in the hidden XMP sidecar file. alberto.tesoro you get what I am saying. Thanks.

Makes no difference, Photo AI doesn’t understand what the Lightroom adjustments are that’s why you pass either DNG, TIFF, PNG or JPEG from LR for processing.

I am requesting a new feature for AI.