Photo AI not working correctly with Fujifilm XT5

This is for feedback purposes only. I shoot with a Fujifilm XT5. If I go to Photo AI as a plugin from Light Room or directly to Photo AI with the RAW. It changes the exposure to so dark the image is unusable. If I use the ‘edit in’ option the exposure stays as shot. I have already had a conversation about how up to date my drivers are and made sure it was up to date. It’s annoying, but I can get by using the ‘edit in’ which returns a TIFF not a DNG but thought I would have just report is as an issue.

@marie.knight Thanks for your feedback.

This is a known bug with the Fujifilm camera RAW files. The exposure data is not being read correctly so it shows up as a dark image in Photo AI.

We’re working on fixing this problem for a future release, likely in the next quarter or so.