Photo Ai not picking up noise

Hi, I’m finding that even though Photo Ai is using auto pilot and there’s a lot of noise in the image, it will not pick it up. It will go straight to sharpen when it does not need sharpening, and you have to manually switch on the remove button. With the new beta version 2 it will do a little bit of sharpening as well as taking out the noise, so in many cases it does not need sharping. Is this a problem which will be solved and will come in the next version? Or is it a problem that has not been pointed out to you or you have not seen it yet?

Thank you

Hi @michael.turner-8930, are you able to prove some file examples and/or screenshots for us to take a look at?

Hi Preston,
Here’s a screen shot of an image you had asked for, it was taken on a Canon R6ii with a Rf 24-240 lens, F/5.6, 1/5 sec ISO 20000. as you can see it has not picked up the noise and only the sharpen.

Please send the file to my Dropbox so we can check this. It looks like Topaz Photo AI is not detecting noise correction on the image that Photoshop sent.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Hi Lingyu,
Thank you, for picking up my messages, I have included a few more images in your Dropbox, which would have benefited a noise reduction, but Photo Ai did not pick up and went straight to sharpen. which at time went overboard and sharpened too much, where as the noise reduction would have been much better especially with the new v2.

Thanks for sending the images over. For the first two dark images, v1.3.9 turned on Remove Noise. For the image with the bee, Remove Noise was not turned on.

I imported the images to Photoshop and processed it with Topaz Photo AI immediately.

Could you check if this new version is working better for you?

Hi Lingyu,

Thanks for getting back to me with the update about my problem Yes, the new update does seem to work better with the dark images, in Photoshop plug-in especially with images with high ISOs. However, when testing it out with some new images with a lower ISO of about 1250 for example, The Topaz AI App version, where I take an image straight into Topaz, It will pick-up the noise, without sharpening. However, if I take the same image from Photoshop into Topaz as a plug-in, it will not pick up the noise, but will go straight to sharpen, strange. I’m wondering if the program is not always recognising lower ISO noise in the plug-in mode especially when in macro work, I don’t know. I have included two screen shots of the same image, one as a Topaz AI and one of the Photoshop plug-in. I hope this will help.


From “Lingyu via Topaz Community” <>
Date 20/06/2023 19:23:44
Subject [Topaz Community] [Topaz Photo AI/General] Photo Ai not picking up noise

I asked my team about this and it’s expected behavior.

The noise detection for Raw and non-Raw (PS plugin sends pixel data) is different.

Importing a Raw to PS also goes through Adobe Camera Raw, which may have applied noise reduction by default so the noise detection does not turn on the Remove Noise filter in Topaz Photo AI.

Thank you Lingyu,

For your re , I somehow thought that might be the answer, is it something that your team will look into in the future and see if there’s a solution for this problem, as it’s a bit of a pain at times or is it something that we have to put up with? If it’s something that cannot be fixed, perhaps it’s something that could be added to the notes in the instructions or somewhere saying what to expect when using Topaz as a plugin for different software, that way it stop people scratching their heads and saying, why is it not working properly.