Photo AI not installed in Photoshop 2023

I have just updated, which is to say re-installed Photo AI as a standalone app’ on my computer. My understanding was - obviously incorrect - that by re-installing an update from your site would automatically update and validate Photo AI in Photoshop. Why is this not the case?

Currently, Photo AI declares it is not installed in Photoshop, although it works as standalone app’. It was installed, but for some reason un-installed itself from Photoshop.

Recently I commented in this forum of the usefulness of Topaz Labs’ producing a licensing/ download/ update hub for customer’s workstations. This would save time expended on the hit-or-miss updating of apps’ from computers, or having to hop over to Topaz’ site to download.

In an unrelated topic, would you please consider Video AI image output in 1:1 on a second monitor? Thank you.

The Photoshop plugin should automatically be installed so you might just have to reset it by fully closing Photoshop and rerunning the Photo AI installer. You can download a new installer from the downloads page directly.

For Video, please make a new post in the Video AI forum since they’ll be able to better address your question there.