Photo AI needs dehaze

Hi, just got Photo AI.

For this product to be more useful it needs some functionality like dehaze.

Plus some basic lighting tools (ideally with some AI assist but it doesn’t have to be).

I disagree. Photo AI is an excellent starting (or ending) point in the development process. It shouldn’t become bogged down with other tools that your editor already has.

When/if it becomes a fully-fledged editor, it will likely become too complex, unwieldy and expensive.


The reason I’m asking is dehaze can interfere with the Topaz adjustments if applied outside Topaz.

The ask isn’t to make it a general editor at all - even the Devs have mentioned though that basic things like crop and lighting adjustments are needed.

Dehaze is a type of lighting/sharpening adjustment anyway, and sharpening is a major module in Photo AI.