Photo AI Lightroom Classic plugin doesn't add edited images to originals collections

The Photo AI Lightroom Classic plugin doesn’t add edited images to the original image’s collections when using “Process with Topaz Photo AI” in the File>Plug-in Extras menu. When you return to Lightroom from Topaz after saving, the library selection changes to the original images Folder, rather than the collection it was originally selected in. The edited dng is stacked with the original in the folder, but isn’t in the collection, since it wasn’t added.

Another user reported this behavior earlier but didn’t realize that their view had been changed to the folder rather than the collection. This explains why they thought things were working until they restarted and looked at the collection. I, unfortunately, can’t link to the other report since the forum doesn’t allow me to share links. I would have provided all this information on that other report, except it appears topics are auto-closed after 7 days, which seems like a very short time to wait for community feedback on a bug. The other report is titled " .dng files missing from Lightroom classic after close Lightroom"

If you edit the image with the “Topaz Photo AI” in the Photo>Edit In menu, it does add the edited photo to the collection, stacked with the original, as I would expect it to behave. I’d expect the File>Plug-in Extras>Process with Topaz Photo AI to behave similarly, but it doesn’t, as described above.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Select an image in a collection and go to File>Plug-in Extras>Process with Topaz Photo AI
  2. Click “Save to Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug-in” in Topaz Photo AI and return to Lightroom
  3. Note that your library selection is now the folder of the original image, not the collection you started in. The edited image is stacked with the original in the folder, but is not added to the collection.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.7] on [Mac]

That is correct as LR creates the file you are sending so it will be added to the collection before being sent.

I believe the File>Plug-in Extras>Process send the original so has no idea of the collection when it saves back to the folder and synchronizes.

As @AiDon stated, this is expected behavior at the moment. The File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI method currently does not add the image to a collection.

We have a task for this in our roadmap that will be worked on in the near future.

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