Photo AI intermittently vignetting some images

For some, images with v1.2.7 [Mac, Ventura 13.2.1] now finding that RAW images are processed with significant vignetting. Thus unable to use for that image. Happens unpredictably but now has occurred twice. Reprocessing same image problem recurs. When same images processed with Sharpen or DeNoise does not occur.

Does this happen with lens correction turned off in preferences? The lensfun lens correction definitions do define vignette information for various lenses.

I went back in, turned lens correction in Photo AI to disable, and still did this on that photo. Note I have had lens correction on since downloading Photo AI (v1.1 or so- only had this happen on one other occasion)
Interestingly, I took picture where this happened I had taken two shots: identical settings in camera except slightly different crop. When I processed the other one, vignetting did not occur…

addendum to response: I tried reprocessing directly from LR rather than from external plug in, the “not preferred” approach. Did NOT reproduce the problem.

Sounds a lot like you are using a Sony full-frame camera and using a APS-C lens as this is a typical result with most RAW processors based on LibRAW.

Wrong camera, right idea! Thanks.

No, both were taken with Canon Powershop G7 X Mark II. When I pulled several older images taken with that camera, consistently seeing vignetting.

Most of what I do uses 5DMark III, and more recently R5 all with Canon L series lenses. No issues with any of those images…

I checked the LensFun supported lenses list and only the G7 is supported and not the G7X

If it is the same as the G7 you can download the XML file and just change the name used in the XML and place in the LensFun folder.