Photo AI in Capture One: "process with..." versus "edit with..."?

I have both the Denoise-Gigapixel-Sharpen (DGS) suite as well as Photo AI installed as plugins in Capture One 22 Pro.
When I want to send an image to one of the DGS apps, only “Edit with…” (or “Open with…”) appears in the list for these. This is the same with all other plugin apps installed. But there are two entries for Photo AI; one is “Edit with Photo AI” and the other is “Process with Photo AI”.
What is “Process with Photo AI”? What is it meant to do and how is it different than “Edit with…”?
Thank you.

@blumarble I don’t have Capture One 22 Pro installed on my temporary machine (my main machine is being repaired right now), but in Lightroom Classic when you select the “Edit” option, it will ask you what format of file you want to use to create (default is TIFF) a copy of your image that will then be opened up in Photo AI. You can also tell it to apply any edits/levels you’ve set already before creating the copy of the image and sending it off to Photo AI. If you select the “Process” option, it will actually send the original RAW file to Photo AI, apply the processing to it based on your choises and then save it back into Lightroom Classic as a .dng file, thus preserving full RAW editing capabilities.

I think of it this way:

  1. I usually “Process” my RAW files with Topaz Photo AI before I do any edit or colour corrections to the RAW .dng file that it sends back.
  2. If I have done edits and/or colour corrections to a photo and I want to take that as my final image and then manipulate a copy of it will all my tweaks baked into it, I will send it out for "Edit"ing in Photo AI or Photoshop…etc.

I hope this is actually accurate in Capture One 22 Pro! I’m thinking the principal should likely be the same. But please let me know if you see different behaviour. :+1: