Photo AI hogging CPU, when it should be idle…

I get that when it is doing its thing, Photo AI is going to use a lot of CPU time, memory, and other system resources, and my computer is otherwise going to be slow and boggy for anything else I try to do on my computer, while I am processing a large image in Photo AI.

But just now, after I finished processing an image, and had closed it, my computer was still being slow and boggy. I had closed the image in Photo AI, and at that point, it ought to have been sitting idle, using up just barely what resources it took to keep it loaded and ready for the next use.

My computer was still being slow and boggy, and when I checked the Task manager, I saw that Topaz Photo AI was still hitting my CPU usage hard, taking up 50% to 75% of it, for no reason that I can think of. There was no image loaded into it, at the time, nothing for it to be processing, no reason for it to be using any significant amount of CPU time.

On doing an “End Task” on it from Task manager, it was terminated, of course, and my computer immediately recovered to normal performance.

I’ve faintly noticed similar issues in the past, regarding this and other related Topaz products (Denoise, Sharpen, Gigapixel), but this is the first time I took the effort to “catch” it, document it, and report it here. The screen shot shows Topaz Photo AI taking up 51% of the CPU, which is near the low end of what I observed watching it for several seconds. I had just finished processing a large image, several minutes before, and has closed that image in Photo AI, so the program should have just been sitting idle, not using any significant CPU time at all.

Topaz Photo AI v1.3.1 on Windows

Thank you for reporting this. I let my team know about this behavior and tried to reproduce it.

This is unexpected behavior as Topaz Photo AI should release the RAM and not use any CPU or GPU if no image is loaded.

Can you update to v1.3.2 and let me know if it’s still happening for you? On my computer I could not reproduce this behavior with processing images and closing them.

Does it happen with all images on your computer or only some images?

I am currently running v1.3.2.

I do not now remember what image I had last processed when this occurred.

I don’t think I am able to reproduce this. It doesn’t usually happen, but I know that I have had occasional similar occurrences like this, involving this as well as at least one of the older related programs as well. It seems to be uncommon and random.

If this behavior reappears with 1.3.2, please let us know and we can continue troubleshooting!

I can verify that the behavior which I reported does occasionally happen under version 1.3.2. It seems to be very random. I cannot intentionally reproduce it, and I cannot correlate it to any other things that may or may not be happening. Just that once in a while, when Photo AI is sitting idle, with no images loaded into it or being processed thereby, it starts heavily hogging CPU and other resources, bogging my computer down badly. I can verify via Task Manager that it is Topaz Photo AI that is the culprit.

Right now, I am updating to 1.3.3. I’ll let you know if I see this behavior again after this update.

Are you still seeing this behavior with the latest version of Topaz Photo AI? I haven’t been able to reproduce it thus far when trying to create the same environment as you.

I think I have seen it happen at least once or twice since updating to 1.3.3. of course, as before, I am completely unable to reproduce it, or to figure out any correlation between anything else and it.

If it happens again in 1.3.3, please immediately save your logs from Topaz Photo AI and upload them here :slight_smile:

Where do I find these logs?

Where do I find these logs?

Within Topaz Photo AI under the Help menu;


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