Photo AI General Comment and Requst for future Updates

I am new to the beta side of Topaz but have been using all Topaz products for many years.
Photo AI has come a long way when first used it could only cope with ten photos anymore and it crashed. This no longer happens.
Some of the following has already been brought up and I have responded, but have not been able to find them again in order to expand hence me creating this new one.

Face recognition is generally good and I like the way it handles them. However, when it comes to other parts of the body especially hands it often makes them look abnormal and does them no favours. Is it now time to focus on these using AI techniques and brining the quality up to that they try to achieve with faces.

Upscaling when presenting an image why is upscaling part of the default examination. Surely it should be a user request automatic.
Most of my images are large so do not need upscaling and come out worse than when presented if I forget to turn it off.

Photo AI v Other Products no longer supported. Like many other I also have all the other programs - DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI etc and often put my images through them as well as Photo AI and frequently they come out better. This is especially so if the only edit/correction needed corresponds to the specific program.

Gigapixel AI Whilst this is the PhotoAI forum I thought I would include it as part of my suggestion for Topaz. When I have had ned to use this it normally works well. However nearly all my images need downsizing which is incredibly challenging as the number of pixels is reduced resulting in a loss of detail and quality. Whilst you can reduce the size in Gigapixel it suffers the same fate as when doing it in other programmes so why does Topaz not take on the challenge of producing a program that will reduce image size with very (if any) loss in detail and quality. Is this not an ideal project for AI technology?