Photo AI from Lightroom Plug-in is unusable image

When I open an unedited image from Lightroom using the Photo AI Plugin the image in Photo AI is unusable because it is very dark.

this is what the image looks like unedited

This is what the image looks like when it opens in Photo AI

2024-01-29-15-10-26.tzlog (1.1 KB)
2024-01-29-15-11-7.tzlog (92.7 KB)
2024-01-29-15-19-9.tzlog (93.0 KB)
Automate Plugin Log.txt (7.9 KB)
lastSessionFiles.txt (43 Bytes)

The file opens OK using Edit in
DxDiag.txt (131.9 KB)

Topaz Photo AI V2.3.0 on [Windows]

Would you mind sending me more information in order to get a better understanding of the problem you are having with this image? I want to try and reproduce this image, in order to do so would you please send the following information:

  1. The original image file.

  2. The processed image.

  3. A screenshot or description of the settings panel so I can see what adjustments were turned on.

Dropbox File request

Some color and light shift is expected but this definitly seems excessive. Also does this happen with all images or only this? When did it start? Does it happen with the standalone app or only the LR plugin?

The more info you the give me the easier it will be to pinpoint the solution


20240129_100900.dng (29.7 MB)
This is the original file.
I did not process the image because as you can see in the image in my original post the image shows up so dark that it would be impossible to get a sense for what to do.

This is a screen grab of what the photo looks like after I select file plug-in extra/Photo AI and it opens in Photo AI…I did not do anything to process the file but let the Automatic process run to completion.
This happens with all files using the plugin method. I first noticed this several months ago but did not worry about it because I changed my workflow to take my files into Photoshop which works fine. This only happens in LR

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