Photo AI - First impressions feedback

Here’s some first impression issues I’ve encountered so far.

  • I opened 18 images for edit, why can’t I save them one by one?
  • When I was almost done with editing all of them, the software crashed and I lost all the progress I made so far and had to start from scratch.
  • I’d love if it would be possible to move in the viewport when painting sharpening masks by holding shift etc, not just from the navigator.
  • I’d love if there would be button to clear all the mask, instead of using the brush which takes forever.
  • I exported image as png, it appeared to the folder as unknown file, named as “Chicken_Troubles-topaz-denoise-enhance-sharpen.png_exiftool_tmp”
  • After exporting an image, why my only option is to close the window? I’d like to export it again… (1.1 MB)

Just press the spacebar and drag the image around,

Just press the Clear Strokes button in the non-ai masking brush.