Photo AI - Expand “Autopilot” pull-down menu

Please add the following options to the Autopilot pull-down menu:

  • Remove Noise
  • Sharpen
  • Recover Faces

The menu selections are preserved across application launches. Please maintain that behavior for the additional options.

Example Use Case:
I shoot indoor sports at high iso and a wide open aperture. I need noise correction, and maybe motion blur correction. However, I do not want to recover faces since most faces are crowd or background players that are blurred out by the wide aperture.

This feature allows me to easily batch process photos using only the corrections I want without having to disable features manually or copy/paste settings. It would also save significant time by skipping face detection and other uneeded models. It also allows the user to effectively turn Photo AI into DeNoise, e.g., when the standalone apps are no longer available.

I shoot several matches a week so efficiency and usability are very imporant to me.

Thank You!