Photo AI drastically reducing jpg file size

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Every time I use Photo AI on a jpg file on a Windows 10 PC it drastically reduces the file size when saving to jpeg or original format (JPG). JPG size is even smaller than JPEG when compared to the original source JPG. I’m saving at 100%. I’ve directly compared final file sizes with the DeNoise and Sharpen AI programs and both of them either slightly reduce file size or increase it a liitle.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 -Select a jpg file that was exported from a RAW file in Lightroom and needs some noise reduction and sharpening.
  2. Step 2 - Use Photo AI on it and compare file sizes of the orginal jpg to saving it as jpeg or original format.
  3. Step 3- Use both Sharpen AI and DeNoise AI on the same file and compare their finished file sizes to what Photo AI produced. The Photo AI file size will always be quite a bit smaller in size signalling compression is occurring.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

My understanding is jpg is a compressed format and everytime you save it, you lose information. I would not work in jpg.

Are not jpg and jpeg the same thing?
By drastic by how much are you talking?

If using RAW why not use one of the lossless formats? DNG, Tiff or Photoshop. You can save to jpg at the end.

JPEG and JPG are NOT the same thing according to the compression used in some Topaz Products like SharpenAI (JPEG is more compressed) and PhotoAI (same). Drastic size reduction can be 20-40% smaller which is ridiculous. As I said the same thing used to happen in an older version of SharpenAI until Topaz Labs fixed it per my reporting of it. Not everyone wants to sharpen and denoise RAW files. I use Lightroom CC which doesn’t allow Topaz Labs products to be run from within it as Lightroom Classic does. My workflow for years has been do all editing in Lightroom CC first then at the end when noise has increased due to the editing run a Topaz product on the exported jpg file. I’ve been getting superlative results doing it this way.

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