Photo ai disappeared from PSE 2023

Photo ai always showed up under “filters” in my Photoshop elements 2023. After the last update it disappeared. What happened and how do I get it back?

Photo AI won’t show under filters as from there you cannot enlarge or reduce the size of the canvas in a filter when you resize the image.

The issue is not noise reduction, sharpening or enhancement but all 4 actions including the resize option are there.

If you have DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI they will show up under the filters.

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Actually, I had Denoise, sharpen and photo ai all under my filters, until I did the last update for photo ai. Now they are all gone, how can I get any or all back?

Just search for it and Google will direct you to this …


The same happened to me, but i have PSE 22. First I was unable to save a photo in PSE, later the plug-in vanished from PSE. I’m not sure if it happened just after updating to 1.2.8.
I updated to Photo ai 1.2.9 today, followed the above instructions, but that did not work.
Windows 10 home, 64
What have I done wrong? Thanks for your suggestions.
John G.

The answer to your question is 3 posts above.

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Hi Don
I followed the above instructions, got the picture at point 4, preesed ok.
But the plug-in is not in the "filter2 of PSE 22, but in the “filter” of PSE 14, which is still on my PC.
I should find a way to change this, as it was before. This happened on its own. i wonder why.
John G.

Hi all, I too found that Photo AI had disappeared from the filter list after updating. Denoise AI and Sharpen AI were still there, but Photo AI was not. I followed the Topaz guidelines for plug-ins exactly a number of times; however, they did not work. No matter how many times I tried it, they did not work.
I have the latest Topaz Photo AI version (1.3.0) installed, and Photoshop Elements 2023.
I found a possible solution on the Adobe Community site. See below:

Solved: Trouble Attaching Topaz to Photoshop Elements 2023 - Adobe Support Community - 13424450.

Essentially, in addition to the Topaz instructions, I drilled down to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 2023\Required\Plug-Ins, then created a directory ‘Topaz’, and copied the file ’ TopazPhotoAI.8bf’ from the Topaz Labs LLC directory, into the Topaz directory I just created. Upon restarting Photoshop Elements 2023, Photo AI was back in the list… and opens.
I hope this makes sense, and helps others.

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It worked for me too.
i hope it persists after updating to TAI 1.3.2
John G.

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This is much too complicated. Topaz needs to work on a fix.

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Working on it!