Photo AI crop not active immediately

I use the crop function quite often. Currently, I have to wait for Auto-Pilot to go through several steps before I can apply a crop. Since the same Auto-Pilot steps have to be repeated after the crop, it would be nice to be able to start a crop at the outset. It would save considerable time in my workflow.

I see, at the moment Autopilot has to run before and after the crop which takes a lot of time. We’re exploring the option to have Autopilot completely turned off which would allow you to crop right away but I realize that you might still want it on and just be able to crop first.

Crop would be the only feature that’s enabled before Autopilot since all the other ones require the detection models to complete. For that reason though, it might be overkill to rewrite the structure of the app to change the order of the processing.