Photo AI - Crop an image

Why does the program start de noise and sharpen before i am given the opportunity to crop my picture. This is just a waste of time, as once the picture is cropped the process starts all over again.

Because the major use is for noise reduction, sharpening and upsizing and, if the autopilot didn’t start, you would need to have a manual option to start processing autopilot settings.

And that would mean all changes you make would need to be applied manually each time you alter a parameter.

Yes, I understand that, but as the option to crop is there, in my opinion a manual start button for autopilot would be better than having to go through the process twice if you do in fact want to crop your picture

It might annoy those who don’t want to crop. In fact most users crop in other apps where you can do geometric corrections, levelling, crop etc.

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So why have the option, Topaz should just remove it.

There is an option there for user who want to crop in the application. Just as Autopilot will always start first because it has to analayze the image being processed.

If you use any other application, say PS/LR or AP or DXO or ON1, the crop is only available while developing.

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@dwc59 Thanks for your feedback about the crop tool. @AiDon is correct, some users crop first in other applications before processing in Photo AI but many others make that edit within Photo AI itself.

Photo AI has to reprocess each time because it takes in new image data when the preview section is moved or adjusted. If there is enough demand for it, we may consider a setting for manual Autopilot.