Photo AI crashes while batch editing

I am still running 1.3.06 because it is the last version that only had the standard and strong models. I upgraded to 1.3.10 and noticed it was using the lens blur model way too often. The results were unusable. I have no idea why it was choosing that model, but the results were unusable.

So I decided to reinstall 1.3.06 on top of 1.3.10. Well, that did not work. It installed, but the exe file was not there and there was no way to run the program. So I uninstalled what I attempted to install and installed it from scratch. That worked.

Ever since then, when I batch photos, I can usually get between 100-500 pictures before the program crashes. It does not error out. It just sits on processing and does nothing. I have to kill the task and start over. Prior to this, even when I had 1.3.06 the first time, I could process thousands of photos at once with no issues.

What I did notice, is that when it crashes… let’s say it crashes on photo 100. When I look at the image that it exported as it was file 101 that it wrote to the drive, but the program says it was working on file 100. It names file 101 to file 100… then it gets “stuck” on processing.

It had never done this before. This problem only started when I downgraded from 1.3.10 back to 1.3.06. My Windows is up to date. My display drivers are likely not quite up to date, but I never had a problem prior to downgrading, so not sure how that would fix the issue. I really do not want to upgrade to the latest version because the lens blur model is being used too much. I could of course manually choose one model and then apply to all photos, but by doing so, it also copies the slider information from one photo to all the others. That does not really help me either.

I had a similar problem with Sharpen AI. The program would crash around 700-800. In that case I would get an error and it would crap out. I was on with Topaz support at the time, upgrading my display drivers, switching from app to game model for the drivers. The problem was never resolved. I was really happy when I switched to PAI and the problem seemed to no longer be there. I could set a folder with 5000 pictures and let it run, doing other things and come back a day later and it would all be done. Now I have to check often to see that it crapped out and have to continue the process. Basically doing the same thing that Sharpen AI. This morning it crapped out after 99 photos. Last night it was about 400 photos. It seems to crap out quicker if I am doing other stuff on the computer at the same time, but even if I do nothing, it will crap out.

Any thoughts?

Just another observation… If I leave my computer alone and do nothing, it seems to complete the task. If the screen goes blank after 15 minutes, and I waggle the mouse or hit a key to wake the screen (either right away, or 2 hours later for example), then the problem will happen almost immediately without fail.

I appreciate your patience on my reply. I am working through a backlog and getting up to date on forums.

I would recommend the following to fully uninstall and reinstall Topaz Photo AI.

  1. Go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall Topaz Photo AI.
  2. Delete the registry files for Topaz Photo AI using instructions here.
  3. Download the Windows installer for the latest version of Topaz Photo AI here. Make sure Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are closed during this step.

Let me know if you are still having these issues after doing this.

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the problem seems to have resolved itself. I am still on 1.3.6, however, mainly because at least the next 2 versions insisted on using lens blur model nearly all the time, making the photos unusable. When I have 1000+ photos to do at a time, I need to make sure they come out properly. So until the ability to disable lens blur or any other model becomes available, I cannot upgrade :frowning:

We will be working on autopilot settings to change this behavior soon.

Could you try updating to the latest version and check if it works better for you? Installer is on the downlaods page:

You can always roll back with the below instructions.

  1. Go to Add/Remove programs and uninstall Topaz Photo AI.
  2. Delete the registry files for Topaz Photo AI using instructions here.
  3. Download the Windows installer for the previous version of Topaz Photo AI here. Make sure Lightroom Classic and Photoshop are closed during this step.

I installed the latest version on another computer to see just in case. I did not want to have to reinstall 1.3.6 again if needed. The same problem is occurring with regards to quality. The photos are already pretty sharp raw from camera, yet the model is insisting on choosing lens blur. The resulting image looks like garbage. Totally unusable. I need to change the model to normal or at most, strong sharpening, but normal looks best. When I have 1000+ images in a folder, doing that one by one is an exercise in futility. So for now, until you allow me to make sure certain models are NOT allowed in autopilot, I am forced to stick with an old version of your software.

It is really disappointing that the ability to disallow a model is taking so long to be programmed in. I also do not know why so many of my photos are being flagged as lens blur. It makes no sense at all.

I have attached a copy of one of the photos. Here is the RAW image, but it does it on the JPG version as well. Normally I convert my raw images using DxO. So normally I use PAI on the resulting JPGs, but I do not have a JPG on hand right now.

As you can tell from the photo, it is already sharp right from the camera. The lens blur just makes the writing look horrible and the windows look bad as well. The normal sharpening gives the best overall results. I have no idea why PAI thinks that the photo has lens blur.

I do sports, BMX races etc, and it chooses lens blur more often than not, yielding unusable photos.

R6II4274.CR3 (11.5 MB)

This is probably an issue with our blur detection model.

To ensure that text is not over-processed, versions 1.4.0 and later have the Preserve Text filter.

I shared this file with my team so we can improve the Autopilot behavior.

How does the recover writing work? I tried it out and it seems I need to mask the area where the writing is. Can it auto detect the writing instead? If I have a large batch of photos, I am not going to go one by one to mask each and every photo. It needs to load the photo and select whatever model it wants to use before I can do anything. Will take way too long. I can go plane spotting and come back with 1000 photos in an evening. Or do a sporting event and have 5-10k photos in a day. There is no way I have the time go manually go through the photos.

In the example I posted, it was a plane, but when I do sports, it is less the writing that is the problem, but more the faces that get messed up when it chooses lens blur. With about 7 out of 10 photos it detects lens blur, makes it impossible to use. If it chooses the correct model, there is nothing to recover for faces, just do standard or strong and off it goes. If it chooses lens blur, it messes up the faces, then I would need to recover the faces… but half the time, if there is dirt on the face or freckles, it gets removed, so using face recovery most of the time does not work well. It works fine in some cases, but not all. When I have a batch of 5000 photos, I cannot manually go through each one individually. It takes too much time to load each photo, and I cannot batch apply settings. At least with 1.3.6 it only has 2 models to choose from, standard and strong. It still likes to chose strong a lot, but at least the photos are useable .

My only issue with v1.3.6… if you look at the photo I attached, it sharpens the rider and bike, but the trees behind look messed up. Like a perfect square around the rider. The difference in texture of the leaves close to the rider vs a little further away. Looks really messed up. I do not know if this issue has since been resolved in later versions of PAI, but again, until you introduce the ability to disable models, I cannot upgrade.

There is no auto detection for Preserve Text at the moment. I do not know if it’s in the roadmap, but it is a manual process for now.

The blurry background issue is because the context in each block is different. We recommend using subject only as this is a consistent and difficult to solve issue.

We are working on Autopilot settings so you can disable some of the Sharpen models. That will be coming in the next few months and should allow you to update to use the newer versions while getting good results.

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