Photo AI constantly downloading models

Hi, I once again update to the latest version of software and once again when activating it continuously has to download new models??? PLEASE ADVISE - THX!

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Don’t type in all capitals. Next time supply your OS at least.

Photo AI should only download models on installation and when they are updated.

If it downloads models each time you use it make sure that Photo AI has full access to the install location.

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I have the same problem under OS-X Ventura 13.6.3. The permissions are set to read / write for system, admin and my user. Nevertheless, the message “Download Models” appears every time I start the program, even if an image has already been modified by Topaz AI.

Where exactly must what be authorized and how?


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Don’t post in more than one place, does Photo AI have full access to your storage. Find it in your OS settings.

Hi Don

I will stop posting in two places when Topaz finally releases bug-free updates. Currently, Photo AI is the worst software installed on my Mac. One error follows another. I’m slowly losing patience.

I wrote that the permissions for Photo AI for system, admin and my user are set to read/write.

Disk access for Photo AI is enabled (you can only switch it on or off) and the problem still occurs.

Once again the question is what needs to be set where in the system so that Photo AI works properly.

The next question is why the problem is only occurring after updating to V2.2x. I didn’t have to adjust anything until the update because everything worked smoothly.

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It seems that I have found the solution. After I deleted all .plist files for Photo AI under Preferences, the problem persisted. So far I have always accessed Photo AI from Photoshop. Now I started the standalone version. Everything OK. Then started Photoshop again and now no more model files are downloaded.

Those with this issue are being asked to send their log files to the devs.

I wonder if the others with the same issue are using it as a plugin only? I haven’t seen any issues with using as a filter entry for apps like Affinity Photo. Could be an issue there with the automate extensions to the plugin code.

If you are still experiencing problems please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

Topaz Photo AI 2.2.1 keeps reloading modules. Yes I let it download all the modules when I updated.

Used from Adobe Photoshop beta 25.4.0 via Mac desktop Ventura 13.6.1

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 click Photoshop Filter > Topaz labs > Topaz Photo AI. Module will download even for images that it has previously downloaded!

Topaz Photo AI [v2.2.1] on [Mac]

This has been reported multiple times on other threads. Please read up before starting a new thread.
I believe there is a fix if you have a Mac. Not sure about PC users. The devs are asking for log files so they can investigate further.

Thanks Ray. I did do some searches but got zero responses - do you have a link to the main issue which would be helpful.

nb I have since upgraded to v2.2.2 and still have the same issue. This is a recent glitch.

I think Mac users can delete the relevant plist files and that resolves the issue. However, it might be a Photoshop issue (see one of the posts in the linked thread), since I have not had this issue myself and don’t use PS.

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Cheers Ray!


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Thanks, Ray - I read that article and Yes; Open Topaz in stand-alone mode. Open an image and it downloads the module. Close Topaz open it again and open an image and it just works without downloading. Go back to Photoshop and it now works like it used to (i.e., it does not download the module every time). I did not delete any files, simply use in stand-alone mode twice.

Thanks again.

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