Photo AI Constantly Crashing during preview of enhancements

When zooming on the picture, when adjusting the frame, when trying a different enhancement or filter. It crashes constantly!

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Apply Autopilot
  2. Or Zoom
  3. Or Pan
  4. Almost Anything

Topaz Photo AI [v3.0.3] on [Windows 11]
12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-12600KF 3.70 GHz
RTX 3060
32Gb RAM

Same here, but it isnt consistent. Seems to be associated to memory allocation. 64gb here. Im curious…do you happen to have lightroom cc running in the background ?

No, but I do have Video AI installed, but no adobe.

What is astounding is that both suites crash, a lot, and have no error trapping or handing. Normal code procedure would trap errors and log them, but completely crashing without warning is a sign of poor error handling withing the application itself, in this case it appears almost non existent.

For sure. Its definitely the app. My system is insanely stable. What a bummer. I shot without a flash outdoors, knowing there would be shadows from hats, figuring that id just correct it in Topaz. Now I’m just like blah. And ive been primoting the heck out of this software.