Photo AI cannot perform basic operations!

I am finding Photo AI EXTREMELY frustrating.
I have a thousand or so digitised photos (originally slides) for which I NEED to perform the very basic operations of adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation.
Photo AI seems to ignore these fundamental problems, concentrating only on more sophisticated issues. There seems to be no way to make this allegedly intelligent software recognise that the problems even exist and need to be fixed !
In recent years, you have been making your products easier for idiots to use, by removing basic tools that more sophisticated users relied on.
Moreover, in earlier versions of your products you had a very useful object removal capability, but that has gone. I now use Movavi Photo for removing objects.
I use Topaz Studio 2 for making basic adjustments, even though you no longer offer it for sale.
I am about on the point of giving up on Topaz products completely and switching to another company that does not treat its customers like stupid fools, but like professionals.

For the record, I worked in research in AI for 40 years, specialising in processing and interpreting images. My last academic post was Professor of AI at a UK university (equivalent to head of department in the USA),

Photo AI has never and currently does not does not provide these functions Photo AI’s description on the Topaz Labs website is:

That is the functionality of Photo AI, not to adjust contrast, brightness and saturation. If you are looking for a free product to do this there are many out there.

What product was that?

Perhaps Mask AI?

As far as I remember it was only background removal. Anyway this is a post with a strange rant, I suspect the op thought Photo AI was a one stop shop to do everything like PS does.

Studio and Studio 2 had that capability.

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There is no reason to talk disrespectful like this. :frowning:


Don’t worry about it people like this are emboldened by the anonymity that the internet offers … they typically make a mistake and try to shift the blame.

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@harry.barrow Please keep all discussion on this forum professional. Thank you.

We are releasing color and exposure correction models with v2.0 on September 7. Give that a try and let us know what you think.

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