Photo AI Blobs?

PhotoAI creates somewhat rectangular “blobs” that have been lightened for no rhyme or reason that I can discern. This doesn’t happen when I process the same image in SharpenAI, so I hope that Topaz doesn’t deprecate their base programs of SharpenAI and DenoiseAI because in some instances they are still superior to PhotoAI. It seems like they’re trying to reinvent their own wheel but have yet to hit the mark.

this issue happens primarily with areas that are low frequency/low light so there is very little detail in those parts of the image. Processing those areas is causing this artifact as the model does not have enough information to work with.

A workaround would be using a lower Strength for Raw Remove Noise so it does not over-process the low detail areas and cause this artifact.

Let me know if that helps to improve the results you are getting.