Photo AI batch processing crashes or stops processing


I’m using Autopilot to blindly/without me previewing the outcome batch process 2000+ jpg photos (around 26Mpx each).

Unfortunally Photo AI crashes/quits without any warning or just stays in “Processing” without going forward even after several hours of me “waiting”.

I tried just CPU, just GPU and Auto. The issue is the same.
Instead of getting the 2000+ photos and let it do its thing over the night, I’ve started doing only 10 photos each time but still randomly crashes/quits or stays in “Processing”…

My PC specs are:
Xeon E5-1650
nVidia 1050Ti 4Gb
Nvme 1Tb

Windows 10 Pro
Topaz Photo AI 1.2.4

One thing I’ve notice: getting more than 40 photos will max out my 32Gb ram. Maybe there is memory leak on the software has it is not processing images in paralel… please ignore if this a wrong idea :slight_smile:

Any ideas I can try to troubleshoot this?


Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.4] on [Windows]

Please check that your GPU driver is up to date from the NVIDIA website.

You can check the version from the NVIDIA control panel or NVIDIA Geforce Experience app.

I have an i7/16GB with a GTX1050/4GB but don’t seem to have those issues. The current Studio Driver version is 528.49.

Thanks for the fast reply.


So my nVidia driver is up to date.

Just updated Photo AI to 1.2.6… the first 30 photos went through without any issue :smiley:

I´ll let you know how it goes!


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After updating Photo AI to 1.2.6 it processed around 30 photos without any issues, so I throw at it another 30 photos…

Its not going anywhere :frowning:

Task manager shows Topaz Photo AI doing around 10% CPU and no GPU.

Really don’t know what else to try. Any ideas?