Photo AI > Balance color Beta

Hi Topaze,

Using version 2 of Topaz AI, I tried the Balance color Beta function.

I also use Adjust AI > Auto Adjust AI > Standard model.

I always get better results with Adjust AI than Photo AI.

Your temperature settings is moving all the colors. So if I want warmer human skin rendering and move to the red, the blue sky is becoming red too !

Why you do not handle the same way the color balancing ?

Kind regards.


@vincent.courtois Thanks for your insight! I’ll talk to my developers about this to see how we can improve the color correction models for a future release. Do you have test images that are particularly good for showcasing this?

Hi Tim He,

Yes I can find pictures on the Internet that could help you to understand the issues. Do you have a dropbox account or do you want that I upload samples on the main dropbo of Topaze?

I shall put also a text explaining how to reproduce and also renderings if you want to!

Let me know and be patient because I am overbusy.

By the way, I am not actually using the Beta but version 2.0 that I bought a licence recently. Does it matter?

Kind regards.


Here’s my Dropbox. Let me know when you send something because Dropbox doesn’t always notify me.

Specific reproduction instructions and any commentary would be super helpful. Much appreciated!

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the Dropbox link. I am going to prepare something for you.

Be aware it is based upon lastest version 2 of Photo AI.

Kind regards.


Hi Tim,

Image 001

Eiffel Tower, France.

With Photo AI version 2.0.1, if I enable the Balance Color Beta option and set the temperature to 60 for instance, the image balance color is globally modified. So the Eiffel Tower may look better, but the sky is not anymore pure blue as you may see in this screen capture:

A better approach should be to let apply color balancing to specific range of colors (green tones for instance) or content (blue tones or sky) like:

  • globally
  • color range
  • content

Using Adjust AI and specific parameters as shown in this screen capture, I almost get what I would like to get automatically with Photo AI!

In this rendering from Adjust AI, you may notice that the sky stays pure blue while the Eiffel Tower color is warmer. That is the kind of color balancing I want to perform easily and quickly with Photo AI.

Image 002

Eiffel Tower, France.

In this case, I want to improve the exposure but not globally as actually implemented.

The all scene is darker!

I would like to modify by intensity, for instance:

  • Globally
  • Highlight
  • Midlight
  • Lowlight

Again, using Adjust AI, I get what I am looking for:

In this rendering from Adjust AI, you may notice that the image contrast is better, shadows have more details, sky is pure blue and brighter. The looking is not globally darker! Everything looks better.

In short: Topaze Adjust AI :heart::heart::heart:

Do you understand better my request?


You’re luck, it just crashed for me. Hit the button, and everything closes!

Hi Kenneth,

I have a friend which uses Photo AI version 2.0.1 and a recent all-in-one Lenovo computer without dedicated graphic card, so I suppose an internal Intel ones. The Balancing Color Beta does not work. The application is not crashing at all! There is a message under the preview viewport like « An unknown error occurred » or a message like that.

I suppose Photo AI is highly dependent of the graphic card drivers and the OS too!

On my 8 years old ROG Asus laptop with a Nvidia 980M and Windows 10, everything works fine.


But I understand it does not help you!

Just come to my place to let you play with Photo AI!