Photo AI Auto-pilot is missing noise in photos

I just updated to Photo AI 2.3.2 so that’s my only reference. I didn’t notice this happening prior. This version seems to miss noise in my photos. After I run it the first time without auto-pilot picking up on the noise, I need manually select Remove Noise. Only then does my photo improve. Has this happened to anyone else?

TPAI always missed noise here and about never wants to remove it unless I yell it to.
This might of course be a personal preference but at least you’re not alone.

I was editing some photos today and just after I posted that comment, auto-pilot picked up on the noise, but not the need to sharpen. Don’t they both work together?

You can adjust the Model Strength for both filters in the following menubar options:

  • Preferences > Autopilot > Remove Noise
  • Preferences > Autopilot > Sharpen

Thank you!