Photo AI 3.0.4 does not export consistently back into LRC

When I complete the Photo AI cycle for a given photo from LRC it seems to be random whether it exports back into LRC or just places the new .dng file into the correct folder on my external hard drive but without re-importing into LRC at all. It never re-imports correctly with the first file after opening Photo Ai and may or may not import correctly thereafter. How do I make the re-import be consistent ie back into the correct LRC collection next to the original (as all previous versions have done)?

For the few interactions I have had with 3.x, it has consistently imported the modified phot correctly.

But when I import the file back to LRC is loses the EXIF data - the key one being when the photo was taken. This results in the photos not sorting correctly by date.
When I revert back to Photo AI 2.4.x, it retains the EXIF data.
For all the enhancements in 3.0.x, the loss of EXIF data is a non-starter.

Please make sure that you have enabled the option to Place processed images back into collections by going to Preferences > General > Lightroom Classic

John - thanks for the advice. The placing option was already as you suggest and I had toggled that before, but I toggled it again just to be sure and the issue seems currently to be resolved. Will keep trying over the next couple of days with a few relaunches of both LRC and Photo AI to see if it stays consistent. Watch this space.

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