Photo Ai 2 not showing up in affinity photo and can't save back to apple photos

So im a new user of TPAi. I never had V1 so im not sure if these issues are common but wanted to ask here…

Im using a MacBookPro M2 with 16 gigs and Intel iMac with 32 gigs. Both running the last MacOS Version. (Ventura 13.5.2)

So from documentation on Topaz’s site, to get TPAi2 to work as a plugin within affinity photo, all I have to do is go into settings, photoshop plugins, and enable “allow unknown plug-ins” and it should work.

What’s happening for me, is when I click that option and save it, the plugins aren’t showing up as they should according to the documentation. I can go to the “plugin search folder” and manually add the plugins from there and they do show up as usable when im editing a photo however when I try to actually use them, I get through an error that says “error:cannot create share memory for params”. This happens on every single photo I try within affinity photo

I have reached out to affinity photo about this and they are saying its specifically a topaz issue as they are getting similar reports for users who are using the new app.

The other issue im having, which I see others having, is I cannot seem to consistantly edit iPhone photos. I have had no luck at all editing iPhone raw photos and it’s hit and miss with non-raw.

My main concern is how quickly these issues can get resolved. Im still within my 30 window to get a refund and im starting to think maybe I should have waited this software out.

Historically with topaz, do these issues tend to get resolved quick? like within a few weeks or is it months?

I believe this software will be amazing if it actually works.
I hear so many great things about it which is why I really want to use it but so far, I can’t rely on it at all.

Has anyone had luck using affinity photo 2.1.1 with TPAi2 2.0.0?
If so, what did you do to get it fixed?

Figured out the issue…

I had read that in order for Topaz to work within affinity, you have to install the software off the affinity website instead of though the App Store…

I deleted Affinity Photo and installed off the website, manually added the plugin through the “Search plugin folder” option under settings and that fixed it.

I was then able to run topaz from within affinity.

Hopefully that helps if anyone else has this same issue.

Also, my other issue with RAW apple photos not being editable, it looks like topaz currently doesn’t support apple RAW. I read this on the topaz website…

We are working on supporting Apple ProRaw soon. We found some software that would enable this function and are exploring it in the coming weeks so we can fix this.

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Thank you very much for the update.

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