Photo AI 2 bait and switch?

What the hell? I was ordering Photo AI 2 from the Topaz Labs website and the download I got was Photo AI (without Adjust Lighting or Balance Color). Now I need to upgrade immediately just after purchasing? A classic bait-and-switch. When I check for updates it just tells me I’m using the latest version (2.3.2). Nothing about Photo AI 2

Also, a single RAW photo has been processing (standalone version) for 22 minutes and it still says “Removing Noise” and sharpening, with no indication of progress or when it will be finished. (On MacBook Air 2022).

All in all, very disappointing.

V2.3.2 is the latest version of Photo AI … which is what you call Photo AI 2.

Currently Adjust Lighting and Balance Color does not work on RAW images as it is still in Beta. But it is there in your list of enhancements.

E.G. TIFF Image

And, MR Bait and Switch, you can see on a RAW image you cannot use it and that is why they are locked … as the help says …

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Ok, thank you. Is there any enhancement coming to allow users of the Mac version to see progress of processing (i.e. % done or estimated time to completion)? As it is, I have no idea even after 20 minutes of processing a single 20meg RAW image if it’s finished or when it will finish, so I just export it in whatever state it is in.

Thank you again,

J. Russell

The export panel shows the progress but there is no explicit notification.

BTW of you go to you can go through the user guide there.

This is not normal. Try to choose CPU instead of GPU (or vice versa) in the processing preferences.