Photo AI 2.4 - nothing to complain about so far

Hi Topaz,

it seems that version 2.4 corrects all the strange behaviors from version 2.3. - well done. Plus a new interface - very good. And the speed has also been increased.

Now don’t break it again with an update :wink:

Hint: only the help pages needs to be adapted.

Well done!

Just to let you know V2.3.2 Menus are Great and 2.4.0 not so much.
It was like going from Windows 7 to Windows 11
Still a Great Final Astro Photo/Image Tool.

Did you remove 2.3.2 before you installed 2.4? 2.4 tries to install but it will not. Windows 11

no, did not remove it before installation. Update process worked fine with my win11 os.

Only the Lightroom Plugin needed attention.