Photo AI 2.4.2 - too much contrast and no selection area for RAW Denoise

Annoyingly, RAW Denoise in Photo AI - 2.4.2, opens whether or not it is wanted and then there’s no options to turn it off or select areas of a photo to use Denoise.

Another annoying aspect in 2.4.2 is suddenly now grossly overdone contrast which has never been an issue or even existed prior to this version. Why was it even introduced as it wasn’t necessary and it really messes up night photos, notably it seems more so in high ISO night photos. Even using another program to try to calm it just doesn’t work.

Where I need to reduce noise in high ISO night photos, Denoise in Photo AI used to not be a problem, but now with this grossly overdone contrast, effectively Photo AI 2.4.2, is all but useless. Luckily I have DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI but neither of those were quite as good separately as Sharpen and Denoise were in previous Photo AI versions.

Not happy with Photo AI v 2.4.2 and looking forward to a fix for these issues.

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I have made a note for our developers to take a look at this request and investigate.

If you would like to revert to any previous Topaz Photo AI version, you can find a list of previous installers at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Community Forums | Topaz Photo AI | Releases

Thank you for taking the time to let me know John. I will revert to 2.4.1 as I think that was the one I previously had and had no problems other than being painfully slow if you used ‘Preserve Text’ but the workaround was to subtract the text from processing and fix it later.


Gavin Hughes



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