Photo AI 2.3.2 using integrated rather than discrete GPU

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1
    Open image in Photo AI

  2. Step 2
    Make cup of tea whilst waiting for inegrated GPU to process the image rather than the discrete GPU having the job done in a fraction of the time.

  3. Step 3
    There is no step 3.

Doesn’t make any difference whether Auto or AMD Radeon Pro 5500M is selected as the AI Processor. The integrated GPU is slower than selecting the CPU.

Have confirmed the integrated GPU is being used with the Intel Power Gadget and iStat Menus…
CPU frequency, CPU load, Radeon Power and Radeon Utilisation remain low whilst processing images. Intel Power Gadget shows GFX frequency pinned at ~1.2GHz.

Topaz Photo AI v2.3.2 on MacOS Sonoma 14.3.1
Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro16,1
Processor Name: 8-Core Intel Core i9
Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
Chipset Model: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M
VRAM (Total): 4 GB

Let’s try updating you to the most recent version release to see if this resolves the issue.

Please make sure you’ve also turned off any firewall, VPN, or proxy that may be on your computer. These are known to block the installation. Also, make sure there are no settings or configurations in your OS system that could interfere.

Try using the appropriate OS system link to update:

If you are still experiencing problems, please reach out to us at the following link:

Topaz Labs | Support Page

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