Photo AI 2.0 - Keyboard shortcut [ ] not working for subject brush size on Mac

The square brackets used for increasing or decreasing the brush size when selecting subject are not working in Photo AI 2.0.

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v2.0 on [Mac]

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Same on my Mac Mini M1 running Monterey, square bracket keys no longer resize selection brush.

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Same is happening for me on Windows 10.

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately I saw this a bit late and a fix for this did not get into the release today.

I will make sure that this is fixed in the release next Thursday.

I confirmed this will be fixed in v2.0.2 releasing this Thursday.

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Excellent! Thank you! :blush:

Thank you so much!

This will be fixed with this Thursday’s release of v2.0.2. Please update and you’ll be able to use the brackets again.