Photo AI 2.0 - Closing images after saving

As in my bug on the previous release, even with “Close images after saving” it doesn’t. Thought it might be due to using WIN 10, but placed second seat on WIN 11-- same thing.
Or, I do not understand your interpretation of Close Images After Saving…

Thanks for reaching out. I just tested with some images in v2.0.1 and it’s working as expected.

Can you update and let me know if you still see this issue?

Still the same. I must be missing something, right?
I know it’s a minor pebble in the scheme of things, but always having to say “Yes, I dang well wanted to do this…” (like closing multiple photos, or just exiting the program) without being told one needs to confirm your desire again.

Thanks, Dave

Please click Close Window on the bottom right and the saved files will be closed automatically.

We leave the export page open in case you want to review the files and open them as they will disappear once you close the window.

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