Photo AI 2.0.0 Plugin Filter Not Available to PS Elements 2023

PS Elements not showing Photo AI as a (plugin) filter.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  • Topaz Labs Sharpen AI and PS Elements 2023 are installed,
  • PS Elements has Topaz Labs LLC as the 3rd party plugin directory.
  • Open PSE and select Sharpen AI as a filter editor.
  1. Step 1 Install Photo AI 2.0.0
  2. Step 2 Launch PS Elements (2023) and ensure Topaz Labs LLC is still the 3rd party plugins directory.
  3. Step 3 From PSE select Filters | Topaz Labs … Sharpen AI is available, but Photo AI is not available in the filters list … the only way to use Photo AI at this point is to use it as a standalone product, as it can’t be called from PSE.

Topaz Photo AI v2.0.0 on Windows 11

ps. is there a way to manually make PSE aware of the Photo AI 2.0.0 plugin? Unlike previous builds I see no menu item selection to load the plugin into PS / PSE.

Open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Send me the Installer Log.txt file.

After doing this, try following the instructions in this video to install the Photoshop Elements plugin.

Close Photoshop Elements fully and then reopen it and let me know if the plugin appears in the Filter menu.

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