Photo AI 1.5.0 not batch processing well

When I batch process as few as 3 photos in Photo AI I get a lot of failures, roughly 25% or better. Note that I customized the first photo by unchecking faces and reducing the denoise by about half, no other changes were applied. Then I apply these settings to the remaining photos which could number between 3 and 25 photos. I’m using a brand new DELL XPS 15.

Please open Topaz Photo AI, go to the menu bar on the top and click the Help > Open Log Folder menu option. Attach the logs files that you can see in the window that opens.
Log Folder

I should be able to determine what is happening and send next steps with this information.

I have several log files and I don’t remember the exact day I was processing large numbers of files. I’ll wait till it happens again and post the correct log file.

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Will do, thank you

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