Photo AI 1.4.0 switches denoising _off_ by default when launched from Photoshop

When I launch Topaz Photo AI 1.4.0 on an unedited Photoshop TIF (right after importing the .CR3 file from Adobe Camera Raw into Photoshop), the Topaz interface shows denoise switched off. The last time I used Topaz, I made sure to leave denoise switched on. The .CR3 file, exposed at ISO 1600, needs normal levels of denoising.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Direct Photoshop to open .CR3 image ; image opens in Adobe Camera Raw
  2. Click Open, without modifying the .CR3 file; image opens in Photoshop
  3. Click Filter…Topaz Labs…Photo AI
  4. Observe that “Remove Noise” switch is in the “off” position


  1. Launch Photoshop, and batch-process a folder full of .CR3 files with a script that applies Photo AI to all photos
  2. Observe that only a tiny amount of denoising is applied in any image, and only near edges; backgrounds remain as noisy as they are in the unmodified .CR3

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]
2023-07-08-12-18-18.tzlog (70.8 KB)

Having the same issue when using Photo AI as a Lightroom Classic plugin. Also note there is no setting for Denoise in autopilot settings. Mac. Up to date.

Issue still exists on 1.4.1

I still observe the same. Sole difference: I can see Photo AI initially switch “denoise” on, right after Photo AI examines the image; but Photo AI almost immediately switches “denoise” off. Log is attached to this note.

OK, if I’m processing one image at a time, I can switch it back on; but I need to be able to invoke Photo AI as part of a Photoshop batch process–can’t do that if Photo AI will bypass denoising as a default. Denoising is my principal reason for using Photo AI.
2023-07-15-06-37-53.tzlog (10.4 KB)

Context: the image that Photo AI apparently chose not to denoise was shot at ISO 12,800 and was largely shadow. The image acutely needed denoising.

I appreciate Topaz’s guidance to turn off Upscale, but I have used all visible controls to do so, including my default Autopilot settings. See screenshots, attached, to see that my Upscale setting is “None”, yet “denoise” is switched off on a very noisy ISO 12,800 image. The issue persists when I use Photo AI v1.4.1 as a filter in Photoshop.

My workaround is to use Topaz Denoise, a product no longer under development, instead of Photo AI when I need to batch-process multiple photos–my usual workflow.

If this isn’t fixed, it makes TPAI useless. An alternative is Adobe Lightroom Denoise AI.

@kent.arnold @Chuck51
We will be working on more Autopilot settings soon so you could change when filters are activated by default.

At the moment we only have controls for having sharpen turn on.

This appears fixed in 1.4.2. Hoorah!

Opening the same raw noisy image in Adobe Camera Raw, then in Photoshop, and opening Filter…Topaz…Photo AI, the option to denoise is switched on, and the level of denoising is set automatically. Preservation of fine detail (stitching in the player’s jersey) is improved as well. Thank you, Topaz!

Oddly enough, though, Subject Sharpen is turned off by default (does not match my selections in Preferences)–though if I manually switch it on, Sharpen elects to sharpen with strength = 29. So, still something to address?

I most need Photo AI for denoising, so IMHO v1.4.2 does upgrade the product’s utility in my workflow.

In general great results come from optimizing the processing from a single filter instead of stacking multiple unless necessary.

Topaz Photo AI will usually turn on one filter unless the image noticeably needs more improvements.

When we add more features then you can have more control over what is turned on and when.

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